Security camera video captured what appeared to be a typical greeting between a jewelry store customer and employee before a smash-and-grab heist that resulted in the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of watches.

Seconds after a man walked into Jewelers On Time Sept. 8 in Newport Beach, he asked to see an expensive Rolex watch. Kenny Nguyen said he told the man he would need to see an ID if he wanted to see the watch.

“He goes, ‘Oh I forgot my ID in the car. Let me run and grab it,'” Nguyen said. “So I buzzed him out. When I buzzed him out three guys ran in, and when they ran in I ran in the back to hit the silent alarm button and they were in and out in less than 20 seconds.”

Immediately after the man opened the security gate, three men dressed head-to-toe in black with hoodies stormed inside the business. They smashed glass display cases and loaded merchandise into what appears to be a plastic container.

The masked thieves left with nearly two dozen watches worth about $250,000.

Store owner Alberto Frosio said other businesses in the area have been targeted by thieves.

“We have three or four friends of ours, jewelers, who have actually been hit in this area,” Frosio said.

No arrests were reported in the Jewelers On Time theft as of Friday morning.

By ting