A Perth influencer’s simple act in a video about her best friend’s engagement ring has outraged social media users.

Em Davies uploaded a video to Instagram — after her friend had been proposed to — revealing she tried on her friend’s ring after it got delivered to her house.

The 28-year-old explained the ring was sent to him while his friends packed up their home to move overseas.

“My best friend’s engagement ring just arrived,” Davies started the video off with.

“Let’s open it, let’s open it, let’s open it.”

But viewers were shocked when Davies opened up the box and tried on the ring before the proposal had occurred.

“Opened her box before she did, saw it before she did, reacted before she did, put it on your finger before she did, and cried before she could,” one person said.

Another said: “Maybe she can try on her wedding dress first too.”

One Instagram user ever joked that Em could “practice the first child” with her friend’s husband.

By ting