A set of wedding rings that belonged to the parents of a Pennsylvania man were returned to him after the current owners of his childhood home found them hidden in a light.

Gary Guadagno said he received a Facebook message from the owners of the Berks County home saying they found his parent’s rings inside a kitchen light fixture.

Gary said he searched high and low for the rings while cleaning out the house before his mother passed away in 2012, but assumed they were lost forever.

Homeowners Hannah Keusher and Josh Martin and their children drove the rings to Gary’s current home in Phoenixville last weekend.

“I’ve wondered so many times about these rings,” said Gary, whose parents married in 1947. “They were kind enough to realize they were of sentimental value to someone.”

Keusher and Martin made a video to send to Gary showing him where they found the rings when they made another exciting discovery. A bicentennial 1776-1976 coin set was also tucked away in the kitchen light that Gary figures was hidden by his father, an avid coin collector.

Gary says his parents hid things everywhere in the house, including cash in the basement cinder blocks. Gary and the current homeowners figure this could be the beginning of future discoveries.

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