Jamie Kresl said the FBI, Dunwoody Police and Sandy Springs Police arrested the suspects outside his store on Friday morning.

DUNWOODY, Ga. — What sounded like a script ripped straight from a Hollywood movie was the reality of one Dunwoody business owner who helped the FBI prevent a heist at his jewelry store.

A group of suspects had been casing out jewelry stores for weeks, but the FBI learned about the potential plans. Agents set up a sting and took down the group just in the nickname of time.

The scenario that played out on Friday, Dec. 1, was right next to Perimeter Mall outside Jewelry Artisans on Olde Perimeter Way. Jamie Kresl, who owns Jewelry Artisans, said he first got wind something was up three days earlier when a couple of detectives from Sandy Springs Police and Dunwoody Police walked into his store.

“They just wanted to give me a heads up that we were being cased,” Kresl said. “So, they have some intel that we were being cased and we needed to pay attention and if we noticed anything suspicious to let them know and call them right away.”

Kresl said police immediately stepped up patrols around the store. He said his employees were also much more observant of who was coming into the business and even calling to inquire about specific pieces of jewelry.

On Nov. 30, Kresl said an FBI agent walked into the store.

“He let me know they’re (suspects) are actually planning now to hit me Friday morning,” “Kresl explained.

He said the two discussed a plan on how Kresl would play a part in the operation to stop the heist the next day.

“The goal was they wanted to take them down and they’re going to take them down before they came in my store,” he said.

Kresl admitted there was some anxiety about everything.

“He did want me to come in and open like I would normally open,” he said.

Later on that afternoon, Kresl said he called his employees and told them not to show up on Friday. Then, on that morning, Kresl stopped by a men’s Bible study he’d been invited to by a friend. This was his first time attending.

“They prayed for me, and you know, part of the whole thing is knowing that God had me, God had us and protected us from all of it,” he said.

Kresl said he then made his way to the store to open it up as the plan was being set into motion. It was just before 10 am He said his phone started ringing.

“The FBI agent called me and said they’re (suspects) on their way, so we all knew at some point it was going to happen,” he said.

Kresl said he went about his business and started putting out the jewelry in the glass cases. He recalled it was just a few minutes after 10 am when he heard all the commotion.

“Just heard two loud booms and looked outside, and across the street, there was some smoke and, all of a sudden, just a convergent of undercover cars and police cars,” Kresl explained.

Kresl was glad they caught the suspects. He couldn’t be more complimentary than the FBI, along with Sandy Springs Police and Dunwoody Police.

“They were incredible. Absolutely incredible,” he explained.

Kresl said he had no idea why the suspects chose to hit his store, but he also said he understood from other owners across metro Atlanta that Jewelry Artisans wasn’t the only place being cased.

11Alive reached out to the FBI, Sandy Springs Police, and the Dunwoody Police departments for information on the suspects and case. However, the local jurisdictions referred all inquiries to the FBI.

The FBI said in a brief statement:

“The FBI was present at that location conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity.”

Kresl believes the suspects are tied to a much larger operation. He said while the family-owned business has been a target of a smash and grab many years ago, this is the first time in their 50-year history that anything of this scale has ever happened to their store.

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