What is the Rapaport team reading? The editors and reporters sat down to pick the content from around the web that’s helped expand their knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry this week.

Gidon’s Selection: Archaeologists Just Discovered an Ancient Greek Temple Filled with Gold and Jewels
(Popular Mechanics)

“A diamond is forever, as De Beers likes to say. Could be. But what we now know for sure is that jewelry goes back at least 2,700 years. An excavation on the Greek island of Evia uncovered an unknown temple overflowing with jewels. This is a good reminder of our ancient love affair with precious stones.”

Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 012424Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 012424

Gidon Ben-Zvi

Digital Content Manager

Vanina’s Selection: The Diamond Industry’s Biggest Competitor Has Nothing to Do with Jewellry
(The Street)

“The lab-grown versus natural conundrum is a clash that needs to be resolved in the minds of the consumers, says Edahn Golan, managing partner at diamond industry analyst company Tenoris, when asked about challenges facing the trade. In this video interview, he cites the loss of market share to travel as one of the biggest obstacles in the diamond industry, but this stress is temporary, because people could still take trips for less money and keep buying jewelry.”

Vanina Weekly Gems USED 012424Vanina Weekly Gems USED 012424

Vanina Pikholc

Podcast and Video Producer

Joshua’s Selection: Botswana Diamonds Under Serious Threat (Guardian Sun)

“Brad Brooks-Rubin, a senior adviser to the US Department of State, visited Botswana to field questions about the Group of Seven (G7) plans for sanctions on Russian diamonds. But he was apparently unable to answer basic points such as how stones will be certified and what was wrong with Botswana’s existing tracking systems. (We also understand none of this is confirmed yet.)”

Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 012424Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 012424

Joshua Freedman

Senior Analyst

Taly’s Selection: Jewelry Business: 5 Content Ideas for Your TikTok and Reels (Zesty Agency)

“This TikTok not only sparks creativity but also serves as a valuable resource for jewelry retailers looking to curate their own engaging social media content. When it comes to today’s world of marketing, a well-crafted social media account and strategy are fundamental tools. Haven’t invested much time and energy into your brand’s social media? Get ready to change that.”

Taly Weekly Gems USED 012424Taly Weekly Gems USED 012424

Taly Cohn

Social Media Manager

Leah’s Selection: How We Wear diamonds Is Changing, Fast: A-listers Like Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Are Injecting Fun into Stones with Mismatched Pieces and Carefree Casual Styling (South China Morning Post)

“The way the new generation of consumers is buying and wearing diamonds has changed. This piece highlights the different, playful, and interesting ways celebrities and the “it” crowd are mixing and matching, having fun, and introducing a new take on traditional diamond jewelry.”

Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 012424Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 012424

Leah Meirovich

News Editor

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