ELIE TOP, known as a jewelry designer with a look that leaves a mark, launches an interesting and stylish collaboration with the Spanish fashion chain ZARA. Due to the intense desire for self-expression, the Parisian designer conceived a new type of jewelry, far from the classics of Place Vendome – through his jewelry he presents the harmony of nature, as it is perceived in his eyes. “I dreamed this solar collection as a song of the earth, as a pome to the harmony of nature”

zara elie top earrings in a bee and flower design NIS 659 (credit: PR)

The worlds from which he draws inspiration are the world of traditional and impressive disguises, the world of ancient astronomical clocks and the world of unique measuring instruments. Ellie Top’s collection is made up of flowers and reptiles and boasts full gold plating and warm stones from SWAROVSKI. The collection was launched at the ZARA branch in the Ramat Aviv Mall in Ramat Aviv and includes 16 models of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches, which will be sold with the help of personal service by a dedicated seller.

zara elie top hard bracelet in a flower design NIS 659 (credit: PR)

Price range for the collection items: NIS 329-1399. The collection is sold at the ZARA Ramat Aviv Mall branch and on the online site.

zara elie top necklace in a bee design NIS 799 (credit: PR)

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