What is the Rapaport team reading? The editors and reporters sat down to pick the content from around the web that’s helped expand their knowledge of the diamond and jewelry industry this week.

Gidon’s pick: The Inside Story of the Flower Diamond Tiara Worn at the Brunei Royal Wedding
(Vogue Singapore)

“This piece removes the veil behind the secretive process of creating a tiara for royalty. The story of the diamond headpiece worn at the royal wedding of Princess Anisha Rosnah to Prince Abdul Mateen of Brunei is full of fantastical details about how modern luxury is combined with time-honored traditions.”

Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 013024Gidon The Weekly Gems USED 013024

Gidon Ben-Zvi

Digital Content Manager

“It’s not news that Louis Cartier’s great-great-grandson, Jean Dousset, is selling synthetic diamonds, but it’s important to know what the public is hearing and watching. Here, he sings the praises of lab-grown on a video by Canada-based news provider BNN Bloomberg.”

Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 013024Joshua Freedman Weekly Gems USED 013024

Joshua Freedman

Senior Analyst

Leah’s Pick: Super Bowl ‘Almost Champions’ Will Get Lab Diamonds Made from M&M’s (JCK)

“At a time when the diamond industry is having some challenges, this story is silly, lighthearted and fun. M&M’s is sponsoring an “almost champions ring of comfort” for the losing Super Bowl team, made of lab-grown diamonds created using the peanut-butter version of the candy.”

Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 013024Leah Meirovich Weekly Gems USED 013024

Leah Meirovich

News Editor

Vanina’s Pick: Ancient Jewelry Shows Ice Age Europe Had Nine Distinct Cultures (Scientific American)

“Jewels were used by humans for tens of thousands of years, but we tend to forget how much they can teach us about human history. I was amazed by this new study of what anthropologists call “personal ornamentation,” which allowed them to identify nine different cultural groups that inhabited Europe during the Ice Age.”

Vanina Weekly Gems USED 013024Vanina Weekly Gems USED 013024

Vanina Pikholc

Podcast and Video Producer

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