CINCINNATI, Ohio — Authorities in Cincinnati made a big bust Thursday of counterfeit rings celebrating championships for the Chiefs, Royals and University of Kansas.

Those 90 rings were headed to a home in Atchison, Kansas with an estimated $2.7 million value if sold as authentic.

After big wins celebrated by their fans, players for the Chiefs, Royals and KU received championship rings. They don’t just carry sentimental value, but are loaded with gold and gems.

The Chiefs released video of their Super Bowl ring for the 2022 season showing the hundreds of diamonds in different sections and 16 rubies for 16 division titles.

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But the rings were seized Thursday by the US Customs and Border Protection officers in Cincinnati at a US postal facility after a non-intrusive x-ray showed the anomalies were very different.

“Real gemstones and yellow or white gold are used to create the authentic rings, these are cheap they are just pieces of junk unfortunately,” Steven Bansbach, US Customs and Border Protection Public Affairs Officer, said.

Officers found 40 2019 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rings, 20 1969 Super Bowl rings, 15 1985 Kansas City Royals World Series rings, and 15 rings for the 2022 Kansas Jayhawks National Championship. The shipment of 90 pre-packaged parcels in a single box originated from Hong Kong. Homeland Security is now continuing the investigation of potential parties involved.

“If there was anything that was authentic, real rings, anything that was going to be shipped, that would come with a lot of paperwork, a lot more than just a shipping label,” Bansbach said.

We searched online and found listings for all three teams rings ranging from $600 to $60.00 . In 2023 CBP seized 23 million counterfeit items that could have been sold for more than $2 billion.

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“If you want to purchase something online what you need to do is do your research. Look into the company, read some reviews. Do they actually have a USA stateside telephone number that you can call to find out what the return policies are? And if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” Bansbach said.

CBP provided additional information for consumers to protect themselves from counterfeit goods:

  • Purchase goods directly from the trademark holder or from authorized retailers.

  • When shopping online, read seller reviews and check for a working US phone number and address that can be used to contact the seller.

  • Review of CBP’s E-Commerce Counterfeit Awareness Guide for Consumers.

  • Remember that if the price of a product seems too good to be true, it probably is.

CBP has established an educational initiative to raise consumer awareness about the consequences and dangers often associated with the purchase of counterfeit and pirated goods.

Information about the Truth Behind Counterfeits public awareness campaign can be found at

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CBP encourages anyone with information about counterfeit merchandise illegally imported into the United States to submit an e-Allegation. The e-Allegation system provides a means for the public to anonymously report to CBP any suspected violations of trade laws or regulations related to the importation of goods in the US

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